You know that you should be hyping yourself but have no clue where to begin?

What is all about?

This course will help you level up as a business owner to get paid to speak, host a workshop or write an expert article. If you have time to scroll Instagram for hours a day then you have time to start to learn the tactics needed to become seen as a recognisable expert.

    Secure wider exposure for your business for free


    Raise your profile as an expert


    Drive audience growth and ultimately sales

  • SALE

    Create an additional revenue stream from sharing what you know


    Help build consistent habits to maintain momentum

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • WELCOME to how to elevate your personal brand

    • The Four A's

    • Download the Workbook

  • 02


    • Overview: Where are you right now?

    • Lesson 1: Revealing Yourself - Show a bit of ankle

    • Lesson 2: Finding your news - how to create moments to talk about 

    • Exercise 1: What news do you have coming up?

    • Lesson 3: How to use our expertise

    • Exercise 2: Generating ideas for content (10 minutes)

    • Exercise 3: What is your one big idea? (2 minutes)

    • Summary

  • 03


    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: How to maximise your news

    • Lesson 2: Different ways to pitch

    • Lesson 3: How to find speaking gigs and get paid

    • Lesson 4: How to get booked to speak on podcasts

    • Exercise 4: Where to pitch

    • Template: Pitch Email

    • Lesson 5: Raising your profile

    • Exercise 5: Which hack can we start today?

    • Summary

  • 04


    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: How does the outside world see us?

    • Exercise 6: Searching for yourself (5 minutes)

    • Lesson 2: What do we need to look at?

    • Exercise 7: Looking at your insights (10 minutes)

    • Lesson 3: How can you can recycle your content 

    • Exercise 8: Maximise one piece of content

    • Summary

  • 05


    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Creating a media outlet mind map

    • Exercise 9: Plotting your Media Mind Map (20 minutes)

    • Lesson 2: How to find journalist contact details

    • Lesson 3: Why your pitch isn't working and what not to say

    • Exercise 10: Dream Big in Action

    • Summary

  • 06


    • Conclusion

  • 07

    BONUS Resources

    • Top 10 tools to help your personal branding

    • Top 100+ Media Outlets

    • 5 ways to use calendar dates in your business

    • Do you have a question?

Lucy Werner

Instructor Bio:

I'm the founder of The Wern, a PR & design consultancy for startups. In May 2020, I launched, an online DIY platform for small businesses to learn how to build their brand and do publicity for themselves. I've taught hundreds of entrepreneurs through workshops and talks for Cass Business School, Courier magazine, Hatch Enterprise, UAL & UCL. I've also written two bestselling books Hype Yourself and Brand Yourself. Most recently named a Startups 21 most influential women of 2021 and The Dots 100 Rising Stars two years in a row. I'm also an Adobe Creative Cloud Express ambassador.

Lucy Werner

PR Expert